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DC Heroes face new generation of ‘Heroes’ in Kingdom come

DC popular heroes like Batman and wonder woman might soon face stiff competition from a new generation of superheroes in Kingdom come. The comic which is set at the dawn of the 21st century when the world is in chaos. The comic is a riveting alternate reality story that pitted the popular superheroes –Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others against a new generation of Heroes that are ready to get things done. The war will end up determing the future of planet earth.

The comic Kingdom comic is originally a four series book that was published by DC comics in 1996. The books were written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The tale talked about the growing conflict between DC’s already established superheroes and the growing population of new and quite irresponsible vigilantes that are eager to get things done at all cost. The two teams is led by Batman who tries all his best to stop the disaster by foiling the heavy machinations of Lex Luthor and prevent the world from ending via a superhuman war.

Superman and the Justice league has to abandon their roles as superheroes when the public decided to support another superhero names Magog. Magog was accepted by the people due to the fact that he killed the joker without even thinking about it. The new superheroes gained more strength over the years and soon waged war against the justice league.

It is left to be seen whether this interesting comic book will be turned into either a film or TV show. One thing is for sure though, Kingdom come is a very interesting comic that has attained success over the years and will definitely bring something new and exciting to the table for DC fans.


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